“It’s like a punkier Dance Gavin Dance…I’m gonna give this song a 9.5/10. You gotta check this band out, please do. They are phenomenal” -Music video review by Eulogist Reviews

"If you’re looking for new music that has that classic emo sound, then look no further than 'Shapes That Haven’t Been Made, Colors That Have Yet To Be Discovered'. It’s an instant classic." - album review by Likes For Locals

"The Minneapolis-based progressive punk band was hard hitting and never seemed to let up. Their catchy songs almost appeared to cross between the Misfits, Nirvana, and The Ramones." live show review by Twin Cities Media

“The intense, punky guitar riffage and wild solos that define ‘Iodine’ fuse so well because there’s a sense of consistency in the production. Even the wah-ing guitar licks that exist over chunky breakdowns are imbued with a thin, fuzzy tone that binds the whole piece. These guys really know what they’re doing.” song review by Rock The Pigeon



Ithomiid started in April 2012 by brothers Eric (vocals/guitar) and Kevin Peixoto (drums) in Rogers, Minnesota. In the first month of the band's life, Kevin Buschkowsky joined as the bassist and they started playing shows as a three piece. They took 1st place in a battle of the bands competition 4 months after forming, defeating 10 other bands.

In December 2012 Kevin Buschkowsky put down the bass and became the band's lead guitarist. This line up recorded Ithomiid's debut album A Thousand Journals, which was released in September of 2014.

Nic Gustafson joined as bassist in May of 2014 and the final line up was solidified. Their sound has progressed from straight forward punk rock into a dark and progressive hybrid of punk and metal.

Over of the course of their career, Ithomiid has opened up for acts such as The Misfits, Michael Graves (The Misfits), Lacey Sturm (Flyleaf). Trapt, The Color Morale, PHINEHAS, Becoming the Archetype, The Browning, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life and For All I Am.

Ithomiid spent 2016 writing and recording Shapes That Haven't Been Made, Colors That Have Yet to Be Discovered. The album was released on June 30th, 2017. Earthbound EP, their heaviest release to date, was released on January 12, 2019.

With a new sound that treads in deeper, heavier and more introspective territory, Ithomiid is out to spread a message with their music and to blur the line between punk and metal.


Eric Peixoto Vocals/guitar

Eric started playing guitar when he was 14. After learning how to play a few cover songs, he quickly started writing his own songs. His main influences are Nirvana, Rise Against, The Beatles, The Ramones and Buddy Holly.

Eric is endorsed by Kononykheen Guitars.

Eric went to school for audio engineering and runs his own studio; where Shapes That Haven't Been Made, Colors That Have Yet To Be Discovered and Earthbound EP were both tracked, mixed and mastered. When not doing something Ithomiid related, he works as a live sound technician and enjoys collecting vinyl records.


Kevin Buschkowsky Guitar/vocals

Kevin picked up the guitar around age 7/8. He took lessons for 4/5 years and started to practice learning songs by ear. Shortly after, he started writing and recording whatever would come to mind. His main influences are August Burns Red, Architects (UK), Dance Gavin Dance, TTNG, Hail The Sun, and CHON.

Kevin plans on going to school for audio engineering in the fall of 2017. He enjoys buying CDs and going to shows.


Nic Gustafson Bass

Nic originally started out learning to play the drums at a very young age with influence from family, but later ended up picking up the guitar. He taught himself the basics of guitar using as many resources as he could find. With influence from his friends his hobby for guitar and music became more of a passion. This ended up pushing him to constantly progress and learn more with each passing day. Main influences, aside from his friends, include Periphery, Counterparts, and Architects.


Kevin Peixoto drums/vocals

Kevin started playing guitar at age 9 following his brother’s footsteps. A sudden change in the previous band’s formation gave Kevin the opportunity to start performing publically on drums, following his early passion for percussion. Starting with Ithomiid at its foundation in 2012, Kevin had the opportunity to evolve his style to incorporate elements from his other percussion endeavors: marching band, indoor Drumline and drum corps. His musical influences are Slipknot, La Dispute and Brand New.