“It’s like a punkier Dance Gavin Dance…I’m gonna give this song a 9.5/10. You gotta check this band out, please do. They are phenomenal” -Music video review by Eulogist Reviews

"If you’re looking for new music that has that classic emo sound, then look no further than 'Shapes That Haven’t Been Made, Colors That Have Yet To Be Discovered'. It’s an instant classic." - album review by Likes For Locals

"The Minneapolis-based progressive punk band was hard hitting and never seemed to let up. Their catchy songs almost appeared to cross between the Misfits, Nirvana, and The Ramones." live show review by Twin Cities Media

“The intense, punky guitar riffage and wild solos that define ‘Iodine’ fuse so well because there’s a sense of consistency in the production. Even the wah-ing guitar licks that exist over chunky breakdowns are imbued with a thin, fuzzy tone that binds the whole piece. These guys really know what they’re doing.” song review by Rock The Pigeon


Forgetting charlie/Ithomiid split ep

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Release date: October 28, 2016

1. The Aftermath of Bridget Bishop

2. Mantis 

Eric Peixoto - Vocals/Guitar
Kevin Buschkowsky - Guitar
Nic Gustafson - Bass
Kevin Peixoto - Drums/Vocals

Album Artwork by Trevor Skarie
Tracked, Mixed and Mastered by Eric Peixoto

A Thousand Journals

Release date: September 2014

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1. Crown

2. Heather

3. Convex

4. Every Page

5. Low-Cut Self Esteem

6. My Only is Your Worst

7. Impressions

8. Creature

9.  Self-Medicate

10. Guardian

11. Employer

12. The Uncreative

13. Fact

14. Procedure for an Emergency

Eric Peixoto – Vocals/Guitar

Kevin Buschkowsky – Guitar/Bass/Vocals

Kevin Peixoto – Drums/Vocals

Album artwork by Jenna Whiteford


Before my empire falls apart [live album]

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Release date: February 13, 2016

1. Absentee [Live] 

2. The Deceit of Defeat [Live]

3. King's Reign [Live]

4. Future Memories [Live]

5. Convex [Live]

6. Every Page [Live] 

7. General Admission [Live]

9. Forever Your Ally [Live]

10. Hiding Places [Live] 

Eric Peixoto - Vocals/Guitar
Kevin Buschkowsky - Lead Guitar
Nic Gustafson - Bass
Kevin Peixoto - Drums/Vocals/Samples

Anibal Peixoto - Cover Photography
Jenna Whiteford - Album Cover Artwork
Steffan Soulak - Live Sound Engineering
Eric Peixoto - Mixing/Mastering