“It’s like a punkier Dance Gavin Dance…I’m gonna give this song a 9.5/10. You gotta check this band out, please do. They are phenomenal” -Music video review by Eulogist Reviews

"If you’re looking for new music that has that classic emo sound, then look no further than 'Shapes That Haven’t Been Made, Colors That Have Yet To Be Discovered'. It’s an instant classic." - album review by Likes For Locals

"The Minneapolis-based progressive punk band was hard hitting and never seemed to let up. Their catchy songs almost appeared to cross between the Misfits, Nirvana, and The Ramones." live show review by Twin Cities Media

“The intense, punky guitar riffage and wild solos that define ‘Iodine’ fuse so well because there’s a sense of consistency in the production. Even the wah-ing guitar licks that exist over chunky breakdowns are imbued with a thin, fuzzy tone that binds the whole piece. These guys really know what they’re doing.” song review by Rock The Pigeon

The Ithomiid is a rare South American butterfly with transparent wings. It is also the name of an emerging Minnesotan punk metal band, consisting of brothers Eric and Kevin Peixoto, Kevin Buschkowsky and Nic Gustafson. Formed in April of 2012, Ithomiid has wasted no time since it's inception and has played numerous shows in the Twin Cities area and in Wisconsin.

In August of 2012, only 4 months after forming, Ithomiid took first place in a battle of the bands competition in renowned St. Paul venue Station 4, defeating 10 other local bands. Ithomiid placed first in The Garage's Suburbia Battle of the Bands in December of 2014, and they also won first place in The Enigma's annual Battle of the Bands competition in October of 2015.

Their unique and creative sound has caught the attention of concert goers and record label owners. Self-described as "a cross between punk and metal", Ithomiid has a wide range that can appeal to many different audiences. From melodic fast paced punk rockers that are reminiscent of the early 90's, breakdowns and screaming that resemble today's metalcore scene, and to the occasional toned down acoustic moment, Ithomiid has experimented with their sound and discovered plenty of new ground in the short time they've existed.

Their debut album, A Thousand Journals, was released in September of 2014. The album contains 14 original songs and showcases the band's diverse sound. With straight up punk songs (Heather, Low-Cut Self Esteem, Employer), metal songs (Every Page, Self Medicate, Guardian, The Uncreative), progressive songs (Convex, Procedure For An Emergency) and an acoustic songs with a do-wop feel (Impressions), the band showcases their ability to step into multiple genres at once. Making it easy for many different music fans to enjoy their music, and making it difficult to restrict them by categorizing their sound into only one genre.

In October 2014, Ithomiid opened up for punk rock legends The Misfits at Skyway Theater in Minneapolis. Ithomiid has also opened for majoring touring acts such as The Color Morale, For All I Am, Becoming The Archetype, Close To Home, Famous Last Words and Phinehas.  Their music has been played on numerous online radio stations and has been featured on various online underground compilation albums. They released their first music video on June 7th, 2013.  With their diverse debut album and an exciting, energy filled live show, Ithomiid is bound to make a lasting impression on today's music scene and to make any rock fan headbang.    

Click the play button above to listen to Ithomiid's song Convex.

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Click upper video to watch Ithomiid's interview with Meet The Locals from 2015.

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